How Thousand Word Thursday works

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. I will be posting a picture once a week, and if anyone writes a small story, anywhere from 100 words to what the muse moves you, I will post it here, along with book covers, links, and a bit of your your latest news. If an older picture sets your mind humming, I don't mind at all! Just tell me the date of the pic so I can post the right one.

My opinion is that 100 words can be a gem, 1000 words is an upper limit, and if you go berserk and send me thousands of words, I may try very hard to get you to publish it as a short instead. But if this is where you want it to be, we'll do it.

If there is more than one story per picture, great! I'll post them all.

If you want to play, send the story, the book covers you'd like showcased, and the links you'd like me to use, and the news I should mention. I can also add your website to my sidebar, and would appreciate the same from you.

If you have a really good pic that tells a story, send it and get the credit.

To all those who do the formatting for me, I love you. To those who send me the info, we'll get it pretty.

Reach me at CryselleC AT gmail DOT com

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