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Wanting More by Cari Z

Title: Wanting More
Author: Cari Z
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Cover Artist: P.D. Singer
Genre: contemporary, short story collection
Length: 15k, 53 pages
Formats: epub, mobi, pdf

After a late-night rendezvous is interrupted by the partner of the man who hired him, stripper and high-end escort Alex Kidman can't get James Fitzgerald out of his head. So when James comes to watch him dance a few weeks later, Alex knows it's time to make his move--but James isn't comfortable with him if he isn't paying for his time.

This short story also appeared in the Dreamspinner Press anthology Sindustry II.

Bonus Story: Favorite Dish

With his lover James away on business for three weeks, Alex does his best to distract himself by keeping busy with his work as a chef, but not even the most elaborate meals can keep him occupied when all he wants to do is cook for two. Fortunately James has the same problem, and can’t resist coming home early to satisfy his hunger for Alex.

This short story also appeared in the Torquere Press anthology Pour Some Sugar On It. 


These two stories are so perfect together that it’s a shame they ever appeared apart. Both told from the first person POV of Alex, we’re allowed to watch as dancer and rentboy Alex falls for James, and James falls even more reluctantly for Alex. Then we have the delight of seeing them a year later and finding out what they’ve become to each other.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

In Memoriam: Ruth Sims

The news has come that the m/m community has lost one of its kindest, sweetest authors. Please join me in thinking of some way that Ruth Sims touched your life.

I met her when I first started reviewing. Her stories, Song on the Sand and The Legend of the Mountain Ash, made me cry, but in the best way, because the stories were sweet, sad, and ultimately not-sad in a way that still makes me sniffle. Pam reviewed Song here because I couldn't find the words, and I reviewed Legend, and Ruth wrote both of us notes thanking us. She was gracious to a newbie, and gave me the confidence to keep doing this new, scary thing.

I am sure Ruth scattered her kindness like petals, without thinking, because that was just the kind of person she was, and I treasure our correspondence and my rereads of her work.

She will be missed.

Her obituary is here.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Duke in Denial by Alexandra Ainsworth

Title: The Duke in Denial
Author: Alexandra Ainsworth
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Cover Artist: Angela Waters
Genre: historical, Regency
Length: 80,500 words, est 275 pages
Formats: epub, mobi, print

Blurb: Sebastian Lewis never expected to become a duke. But with the sudden deaths of his cousin and uncle, Sebastian’s position changes. He is determined to fulfill his new responsibilities with grace, even if it means remarrying, and even if the attractions of women, so often lauded by poets, fail to interest him.

Captain William Carlisle, newly returned from India, is elated when he meets Sebastian. Nobody knows of his inclinations, but his harrowing experiences in battle have prompted him to reach for the type of companionship he longs for. He thinks Sebastian might feel an attraction as well, but to his dismay, he discovers that Sebastian is courting his sister Dorothea.

After a semi-arranged engagement and a disconcerting romantic tangle with William, Sebastian escapes London to look after his manor, only to face mysterious thefts, a headless ghost, and the arrival of his fiancée, her brother, and his family. Sebastian’s new estate sits on the south coast, England’s most vulnerable location, and Napoleon has set his sights on conquering the area. Amid this growing turmoil, Sebastian must sort out his feelings for his fiancée’s brother and keep his home safe . . . and determine if he has the courage to reach for his own happiness in the process.

England in 1804, at war with France, struggling to consolidate power in India, when Georgian ideals of piety and decorum ruled society. A woman’s reputation mattered as much as her fortune, and men could be hanged at the yardarm for consorting with each other.

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Sideloading Your Kindle for the Tech Impaired Like Me

Because I get books from a variety of sources, they have to be loaded onto my Kindle somehow. I’m not the techiest person on the planet [that hollow sound is my webmistress laughing], and for some reason, drop and drag frustrates me because I can never see how to have everything on the screen at once. When I get files by email, or buy them from vendors that aren't Amazon, I have a couple of choices.

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Temper Sanguine by Lou Harper

Title: Temper Sanguine
Author: Lou Harper
Purchase at: Samhain. Available now for preorder
Purchase at All Romance eBooks : Soon
Cover Artist: Angela Waters
Genre: paranormal
Length: 30k estimated
Formats: epub, mobi, pdf,

One bite won’t kill you. Unless it does.

Sanguine, Book 2

Gabe Vadas’s slayer ancestors would be spinning in their graves if they knew that not only is his boss a vampire, so is his lover. But that lover, Harvey Feng, is cooking something up in his lab that he seems reluctant to disclose.

The secrets they keep from each other and the nightmares they share are driving a wedge between them. Harvey fell off the vegetarian wagon with one taste of his lover’s blood. Except recently it’s been having some unusual—and disturbing—side effects. And he fears their connection has awakened something dark and dangerous.

Sent to New York City to help the new top vamp clean up the mess the old one left behind, Gabe finds more than a few stray feral vampires. A doctor with a dubious history is hell-bent on creating a new race of unkillable bloodsuckers.

The investigation takes Gabe and Harvey across an ocean, and deep into the past. Where they discover demons that have the power to reach across the centuries to destroy them both.

Product Warnings

Contains a tasty Hungarian goulash of dirty boys doing dirty things, bilingual dirty talk, evil scientists, shifty-eyed lab assistants, fun with lab rats, and smexy times in romantic Old Europe. Jó étvágyat!

Yay, another helping of Harvey and Gabe! My favorite vampire and vampire slayer couple are back for more narrow escapes and near death experiences. Plus some hot loving.

Friday, May 16, 2014

A Sanguine Flashfic from Lou Harper

“Angel, you’re doing it wrong.” Harvey stretched sleepily and the sheets slipped to his waist.

Gabe looked down at his lover still in bed. “Doing what wrong?”

“Your jeans—you’re putting them on. They’re supposed to stay off.”

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A picture is worth

Lou Harper alerted me to this picture. It goes so well with her Sanguine series, which I've been reading. There's a new one coming, Temper Sanguine, and it just got popped to the top of my TBR list.

"Lust for a Vampire" is the perfect title for this shot, done by AdroVonCrow (access to gallery here).  I can hardly wait for the the ficlet Lou has to go with it. Check out Lou's news and tidbits at her website.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A White Coat Is My Closet by Jake Wells

Title: A White Coat is My Closet
Author: Jake Wells
Purchase at Dreamspinner
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Cover Artist: Leah Kaye Suttle
Genre: contemporary, medical
Length:344 pages, 139k words
Formats: epub, mobi, pdf, ziphtml, paperback

Blurb: Zack Sheldon doesn’t have time to be lonely. He’s in his last year as a pediatric resident, almost married to the job, and busy with the joys and sorrows that come with providing medical care to children. Professionally, he’s confident, accomplished, and respected. But personally he’s too insecure to approach a sexy man like Sergio Quartulli, or even to imagine that Sergio might be attracted to him.

Zack spots Sergio from across the gym, and then a chance meeting poolside somehow turns into a date. Before Zack knows it, they’ve become a couple, but Zack’s white coat is his closet at the hospital, and committing to a relationship with Sergio makes it difficult for Zack to continue hiding behind it. On the other hand, he grew up in a small town where being gay was shameful, and he works in an environment that can sometimes be homophobic, so it’s hard for him to open up about who he really is. Before Zack can make a choice on his own terms, circumstances force him to make a decision. He can continue to hide, or he can step out from behind his white coat and risk everything for love.


I really, really wanted to like this book. I love medical themes and conflicted heroes, and the proceeds going to a good cause was a nice touch. As it turned out, there was a great plot in search of writing to do it justice.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Coming this week

Thanks for joining us here at the Bookshelf: this last week we had reviews on Poster Boy by Anne Tenino and a five marble review on Out of the Gate from EM Lynley. I've been checking and I don't hand out 5 marbles as often as I used to, possibly because my tastes have gotten pickier, but this book definitely deserved the rating. We also had our usual Thursday eye candy, so if someone gets inspired by this or one of the other pictures, do share it with us. The rant is a rant in progress, so we'll see.

Coming this week, we have reviews on A White Coat Is My Closet by Jake Wells, and Temper Sanguine from Lou Harper. Lou also found me a hunka hunka gorgeous vampire for Thursday's story prompt, and she promised a nice little flash fic to go with it.  Do join me for the fun!

Keep reading!

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Out of the Gate by EM Lynley

Title: Out of the Gate
Author: EM Lynley
Purchase at Dreamspinner
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Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Genre: contemporary, sports
Length: 270 pages
Formats: epub, mobi, pdf, print

British actor Wesley Tremayne thinks he’s close to hitting the big time—a film career—with his role as a hunky explorer on a popular American TV show. Success should be just around the corner, as long as he keeps his sexual orientation a secret. Wes’s best friend and beard, Julia Compton, forms the other half of a glamorous Hollywood couple that’s merely a façade.

Evan Taylor left his acting career behind five years ago without looking back. He's always been more comfortable around horses than people—especially Hollywood types. His new life training racehorses is a dream come true, but increasing financial problems and an abusive boyfriend have him doubting himself and his choices.

Then Wes and his friends buy a third-rate racehorse—partially for publicity—and send him to Evan’s stable. Wes’s friendship with Evan soon develops into an overpowering attraction he can’t act on. He's never met a man like Evan, but if there’s any chance for a future together, Wes must choose between a career he loves and the man he adores.


Once again, EM Lynley’s written a winner. We can feel the heat in the horses’ legs, we can smell the fresh-turned earth on the track, hear the roar of the crowds in the last furlongs of the race. Most of all, we can feel the heat between Wes and Evan.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Picture is Worth...

Tell us more about Ganymede in 100 to 1000 words (drabbles are fine, really) and send your news along too. See How Thousand Word Thursday Works for details.

Zeus isn't going to stay in eagle form, you know. ;)

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Poster Boy by Anne Tenino

Title: Poster Boy
Author: Anne Tenino
Purchase at: Riptide
Purchase at All Romance eBooks
Cover Artist: LC Chase
Genre: contemporary, New Adult
Length: 100k words
Formats: epub, mobi, pdf, html, print

It's all fun and games until someone puts his heart out.

After being outed to his hockey team and then changing schools, Jock figures he’s due for something good—like the sex he missed out on in the closet. Toby, the hot grad student he meets at a frat party, seems like a great place to start, and their night together is an awesome introduction to the fine art of hooking up.

Toby’s heart takes a bruising after the near-perfect experience with Jock leads to . . . nothing. He’s been left on the outside as his friends pair up into blissful coupledom, and he’s in danger of never completing (or starting) his thesis. Can’t something go right?

Then Toby’s coerced into chaperoning a Theta Alpha Gamma trip to France. Not that he’s complaining. What better place to finish his thesis and get over that frat boy? Except Jock’s outing is leaked to the press, turning him into an unwilling gay rights martyr, and he decides France would be a great escape, too. It’s a break from reality for both guys, but they soon find their connection is as real as it gets.

This book is billed as both #5 in the Theta Alpha Gamma universe and as a standalone. There were gobs and gobs of backstory, enough that I wasn’t lost coming in cold here. In fact, there was enough backstory that someone who’s up on events might feel overly-memory-refreshed.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Coming this week

We had some fun this week, what with a guest post from reader Jean Nygard, who gave us a ficlet about lion shifters. Anyone who's inspired by any of my prompt fics, do let me know. I post inspiration every Thursday, and hey, if one of my Sunday readers inspires a story, go for it.  We also had two reviews, In His Sights from Rie Warren, and the Butt Ninjas From Hell anthology, with entertaining stories from eight wonderful authors including Eden Winters, Shae Connor, and TC Blue.

Coming up: reviews on Poster Boy from Anne Tenino and Out of The Gate by EM Lynley. My horse won at the Kentucky Derby (gloats!), so do I need a better reason to read a horse race story? Also watch for the Thursday prompt pic. And----I feel a rant coming on. I am a girl with opinions and right now I'm ready to pop.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Butt Ninjas From Hell -- Anthology

Title: Butt Ninjas From Hell
Author: Shae Connor , JP Barnaby, Kage Allen, Ally Blue, Eden Winters, Kiernan Kelly, Jevocas Green, TC Blue
Purchase at Wilde City Press
Purchase at All Romance eBooks
Cover Artist: unknown
Genre: depending on story: humor, fantasy, paranormal, contemporary
Length: 89K words
Formats: epub, mobi, pdf,

 Porn stars, holy emissaries, demons, and even just plain humans—ninjas come in all forms and from all kinds of Hell in this erotically charged comedic Wilde City anthology! Whether it’s the world of second-rate television, fluttering ninja stars, obsessions over a bronzy-olive toned soldier, or magic backsides, your authorial guides will take you where few readers have ever dared to go…without protection.

Kage Alan, JP Barnaby, Ally Blue, TC Blue, Shae Connor, Jevocas Green, Kiernan Kelly and Eden Winters bring you…Butt Ninjas from Hell.

You’ll Never Hear Them Coming!


I love anthologies, I get to read new to me authors, and in this case, a couple of my favorites too. Everyone’s got a different take on what it means to be a ninja from hell, and from the coffee-snort title to the last line, this was fun. Apparently there’s a companion volume called Butt Pirates From Space. Excuse me while I clean my keyboard.

Friday, May 2, 2014

A Thousand Word Thursday story from Jean Nygard

God, it feels good when he does that!

From the first time we met, there’s been this way that he has been able to just push his head up in under my jaw, rubbing up under my ear—back and forth—that just overwhelms me. It rubs my fur that little bit the wrong way, you know? Then, if he follows up with a smooth arc up to my ear and starts licking the edge of it—I’m just helpless! The tingles ripple the whole way up and down my spine until I have a ridge of hair standing up all the way from my mane to my tail. Of course, it doesn’t really matter which form I’m in—even as a human it feels much the same.

Thursday, May 1, 2014