Thursday, May 31, 2012

A picture is worth...

Sorry guys! I missed posting our eyecandy for a week, so I thought I'd better have something extra good for you this time. I am calling this guy to unclog my sink, that's for sure--his butt crack would be worth looking at!  Anyone who wants to offer a little story or excerpt (100 to 1000 words) to provide me with an excuse to post this gorgeous guy again (plus get your covers, blurb, and links on the screen) email me at CryselleC AT gmail DOT com.  And the rest of us will sit here and drool.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Scott Sapphire and the Emerald Orchid

Title: Scott Sapphire and the Emerald Orchid
Author: Geoffrey Knight
Cover Artist: u/k
Publisher: Dare Empire eMedia Productions
Genre: contemporary, adventure
Length: 129 pages / 42k words

Meet Scott Sapphire—lover of French champagne, Belgian chocolate and dangerous men. He is suave. He is sexy. He is a man of the world—and a man that the world desperately wants to catch.
For Scott Sapphire is the greatest jewel thief of our time.
Dashing. Daring. And always neck-deep in trouble.

But when Scott’s latest heist lands him in possession of a map to a rare and precious orchid, it’ll take more than bedroom eyes and a charming smile to stay one step ahead of one of the world’s most powerful business tycoons, as well as keep the CIA off Scott’s back and a handsome special agent out of his pants—or maybe not.

From the Venice canals to the Amazon rainforest, from Rio de Janeiro to the casinos of Monte Carlo, comes a brand new gay hero as irresistible as diamonds and pearls.

Adventure has a new name! And that name is Scott Sapphire.


From the first moment of the story, the reader is thrown into a non-stop action adventure, with dashing heroes, daring escapades, elusive treasures, a romantic interlude or three, and more peril than you can shake a diamond encrusted wand at. (I made up the wand. It might be in a later story, the way this book reads.) Jake Stone and Scott Sapphire are both hot for each other and interested in some of the same things outside the bedroom, which plays out with a flourish and a promise, or maybe it’s a threat.

And then we never see Jake again. Wait, what?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Rare Event by PD Singer

The Rare Event by P.D. Singer
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Anne Cain
Genre: GLBT, M/M, Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Length: 350 pages

Rating: 5 Divas and a Recommended Read 

Hedge fund trader Ricky Santeramo has it all: money, looks, and fellow trader Jonathan Hogenboom. The two couldn’t be more different: Jon is from old money, while Ricky clawed his way out of blue-collar New Jersey. Jon hedges his positions; Ricky goes for broke. Jon likes opera and the Yankees; Ricky prefers clubbing. Jon drinks wine with dinner; Ricky throws back a beer. Jon wants monogamy… but Ricky likes variety.

Bankrupt airlines are facing strikes, the housing market is starting to crumble, and Jon can’t wait any longer for Ricky to commit. One last night alone and one last risky trade make Jon say, “Enough.” Then Jon’s old friend Davis comes to New York City, ready for baseball and forever. The whole world is chaos, but there are fortunes to be made—or lost—and hearts to be broken—or won.

Faced with losing it all, Ricky must make the savviest trades of his life and pray for a rare event. His portfolio and Jon’s love are on the line


“Not committed yet” and cheating aren’t the same, and if you can’t see a difference, don’t even pick up this book. You’ll only be unhappy with Ricky, who hasn’t moved past the dating stage even though Jon is ready and anxious for them to be exclusive. PD Singer has started in the middle of the story in The Rare Event, and a jam packed story it is.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blog Hop winner! And everyone else can win too!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

Gigi was my lucky winner--check your email so I can pay up!

Also, I am a doink and forgot to post an added goody for everyone: those who signed up to follow the blog here, or for that matter, to follow me on Twitter (I'm @CryselleBook) can have a copy of Carole Cummings and PD Singer's fun short, Crepuscule Monstrum. Also if you follow either of them on their blogs or on Twitter, although you'll have to leave an email addy somewhere so we can send it.

PD Singer is at and goes by @PD_Singer, and Carole is at and @cummingscarole.

The whole adventure started when I posted a prompt pic here, and Carole wrote a ficlet for it, except she got to right around 1000 words and left it on a cliffie. She had no idea Pam was gonna come along and finish it, or how. So when they made this pretty ebook, they let me in on  the deal for being an instigator. But you can have a copy, and get news from two great writers and one opinionated blogger. Follow any one of us on your choice of media for the story, or all three if you like.

Hop Against Homophobia

Love is love. No one should have to hide away because of who they love, any more than they should have to hide away for wearing size 10 shoes or having blue eyes.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Snow Day by Juniper Gray

Title: Snow Day
Author: Juniper Gray
Cover Artist: n/a
Publisher: Torquere
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 28 pages

Jim and Johnny have been best friends and neighbors for two years, and although neither knows that the other is gay, they secretly yearn for their relationship to be more than it is. Jim has had a difficult year, and Johnny doesn't want to add to his worries and possibly alienate him by confessing. Jim would like nothing more than to take Johnny in his arms, but is afraid Johnny won't feel the same.
A bitter snow storm helps them both to realize that life is all about taking chances.


This sweet and playful story starts dismally, with a nasty blizzard and nothing much in the cupboard. Jim and Johnny make a trek to the grocery store to find the shelves stripped of most goods. We meet them walking back with bags of oddments, when a pristine snowfield beckons. Johnny’s willing to see the adventure in their situation, and leaps to make footprints and snowballs. He has to tease Jim into dropping his worries long enough to play. Once home, the memories of almost kisses and the need to warm up and dry off lead the two neighbors into confidences, revelations, and presently into bed.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Other Side of Night by SL Armstrong and K Piet

Title: Other Side of Night: Bastian and Riley
Author: S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet
Cover Artist: Nathie Block
Publisher: Storm Moon Press
Genre: paranormal
Length: 47k words/190 pages

Vampires walk among us. For centuries, they have adapted, learning to pass undetected in our world. They no longer fear the day, only the sting of direct sunlight. They are students, bankers, lawyers, and even actors. But when the sun goes down, they are all united by their eternal thirst. We do not see them from our safe and comfortable side of the night. But sometimes, one of us is drawn away from the light and we cross into their world. Into the other side of night.

Sebastian Rossi's second year at the University of Tennessee began much differently than his first. He rushes to and from his classes, covered head to toe in thick clothing. Parties are a thing of the past, and dating hasn't been high on his list of priorities. No, high on his needs is blood. Lots of it. Adjusting to the changes no one even told him would happen following one great night of partying and sex has been hell for Bastian, but he's managing.

Riley Lynch's dream is to be a veterinarian. He works hard to pay his tuition, reads in every spare moment, and tries to forget the nightmare of his sophomore year. Summer has washed away all the bad, leaving him refreshed and eager for his junior year at UT. Life is finally looking up for him, and he has no intention of sliding back down into the depression that had consumed him during his last relationship.

A chance meeting brings their two worlds into alignment and passion sparks between them. When Riley learns of the changes Bastian is going through, he has a choice to make: walk away or embrace the night.

Isn’t college tough enough without a growing craving for blood and an aversion to the sun that makes getting to midday classes difficult? Bastian’s trying to keep his grades up and his appetite down, but since he hasn’t really got a clue what’s happened to him, trying to grow a relationship is twice as hard.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Just His Type by E.E. Montgomery

Title: Just His Type
Author: E.E. Montgomery
Cover Artist: Anne Cain
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Bittersweet
Length: 28 pages

Daron’s looking for a certain type: he loves tall, slim older men, and he’s sure one of them will be his one true love, even though he doesn’t truly believe he deserves it. His lack of confidence leads him to a series of meaningless encounters with strangers, convinced that eventually he’ll find a relationship to last a lifetime. His best friend and coworker, Rebel, offers Daron the only stable relationship he’s ever known. Rebel is younger than Daron and only slightly taller, so definitely not his type. Daron enjoys the time they spend together, but refuses to allow himself to think it could be anything more than friendship. He’s never bothered to consider what Rebel thinks….

A Bittersweet Dreams title: It's an unfortunate truth: love doesn't always conquer all. Regardless of its strength, sometimes fate intervenes, tragedy strikes, or forces conspire against it. These stories of romance do not offer a traditional happy ending, but the strong and enduring love will still touch your heart and maybe move you to tears.


The Bittersweet line from Dreamspinner tends to very high quality love stories that don’t have an HEA. Most of them have an unexpected twist to account for the absence, or have something as basic as not breathing the same element that interferes. Not here though: there is no strong and enduring love. Daron, the POV character, is extremely shallow and unpleasantly delusional. One can only wonder why Rebel persists.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Benedetto Casanova, the Memoirs

Title: Benedetto Casanova, the Memoirs
Author: Marten Weber
Cover Artist: Adam Bouska
Publisher: self
Genre: historical
Length: 414 pages

No doubt you have heard of Casanova, the famous womanizer, and maybe you have seen the movie, or read the account of his life. But did you know he may have had a gay brother?

Benedetto, a few years Giacomo’s junior, was pressed into service of the Church to follow the famous lover of women through the courts of Europe. On the way he had amorous adventures with countless men, but, unlike his brother, fell in love and kept alive a romantic relationship with a strapping German soldier over time and distance.

His "memoirs" were discovered only in 1881, when an English traveler rummaging through a private library in Rome found them glued to the pages of a book. They were written in Italian and have never before been published in English. Marten Weber delivers a wonderful "translation" of this challenging text, full of linguistic cunning and his usual talent for breathtaking eroticism.


The set-up of this novel mirrors historical memoirs after the scholars have had a chance to translate, annotate, and comment. The ruse is extremely well done: the book could easily be mistaken for a real memoir, complete with forwards and translator’s notes, and little breaks in the text where “a fragment of a page” has been lost. The style is chatty and a bit rambling – Benedetto more or less follows the course of his life, stopping to make pithy observations of the human condition, the Church, the treatment of men of “his species,” politics, or a fine dish of rhubarb.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Picture is Worth...

Who has a story or excerpt (100 to 1000 words) to tell us this man's story? Send it with your cover, link, and blurb, and I'll post it here. The rest of us will hope for a sip from his cup.

I'm at CryselleC at gmail dot com.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

About that fanfiction...

The subject arose at Jessewave’s the other day, about fanfiction being reworked, repackaged, and offered for sale. I posted a reply there, but the rest of my opinionated rant thoughts needed about a thousand words that didn’t fit into a blog comment. You have been warned.

I don't follow a lot of fandoms, so it would probably be pretty easy to slip a converted fanfic by me  on canon or on familiarity. Where I start wondering is if the characterization seems flat or if the rules for a specialized universe aren't spelled out. Then I figure that anyone in the know would be aware and have filled in the blanks for themselves.

And that makes me mad on a couple of levels.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Thousand Word Thursday Excerpt from H.A. Caine

An excerpt from From Love and Pain

Constantly getting the shit beaten out of him wasn't his idea of fun. Rarely did they ask him questions. It was as if they got off on causing other people pain. He prayed that he was the only one they were holding. It chilled him to think of anyone else being abused.

He sat there for God only knew how long as he thought of how he could escape. He didn't feel safe pinning all his hopes on outside forces rescuing him.

But he had no idea how he was going to get himself out of this mess.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Lynch Pin by Cody Richardson

Title: The Lynch Pin
Author: Cody Richardson
Cover Artist: u/k
Publisher: self
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 27 pages

Terry and Paul have always been close - their mothers are alcoholics and best friends, and they've lived together for most of their lives, falling in love when they were teenagers. Paul is happy as long as Terry is with him, but Terry is frustrated with their lifestyle of instability and ruin. Is their love strong enough to keep them together?


Warning, for those to whom it matters; this isn’t a romance. The main couple isn’t coming together for the first time. Instead, we have a nice literary story of a young man reexamining his life and his relationship.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Unsinkable by Paige Turner

Title: Unsinkable
Author: Paige Turner
Publisher: Total e-Bound
Cover Artist: Posh Gosh
Genre: historical
Length: 141 pages

The world had never seen anything like the RMS Titanic - enormous, opulent...and unsinkable. The Ship of Dreams.

Ted Dorley, confidence man, is looking for a new life in the New World, and relishes the opportunity to mingle with the great and the good of the day on board the RMS Titanic.

He expects to find fortune, and perhaps to find fame, but he doesn’t expect to find love in the arms of dark-eyed cellist Robert Briceaux, one of the Titanic’s band of dedicated musicians.

When the ship strikes an iceberg close to midnight in the middle of the Atlantic, passengers panic and the crew try to keep the band plays on. As the Ship of Dreams disappears into the calm, black waters of the deep, has Ted lost his new-found love to the icy embrace of the ocean?

Reader Advisory: This book contains a ménage scene between three men.


The Titanic sank 100 years ago, but the mystique lives on. This time we have a romance between a passenger who is not anything like his projected persona and a member of the orchestra.

Not being a Titanic scholar, I can’t answer to every fact here, but the feel is right and the few things I did look up matched, so I’m going to leave it to the more knowledgeable to do an accuracy critique. One of the things I did check was whether any of the musicians survived. Sadly, no. So the next question is—how did we get a happy ending here?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crooked by Missouri Dalton

Title: Crooked
Author: Missouri Dalton
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: paranormal, police
Length: 29 pages

Nicky’s problems started six months into the job when his first partner, veteran cop Donny Myers, was killed and Nicky got tangled up with mob boss Cathan Kavanagh to get justice. Kavanagh didn't just want a few favors though, he wanted Nicky. Kavanagh drags Nicky down a dark and winding path of addiction and corruption. A transfer to homicide, and new partner Zeke might just be the trick to getting Nicky away from the poisonous gangster.

But things aren't what they seem on the surface. Kavanagh isn't exactly human, Zeke isn't exactly a cop and Nicky might just start believing--in fairies.


This short tosses the reader into the deep end of police work at its worst—an ugly hit gets a family with children and Nicky’s partner killed in a gruesome way. Nicky took out the hitman, one of the Martellis’ enforcers, putting Nicky at grave risk.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Picture is Worth...

Looks like magic to me. Anyone with a story or excerpt to go with it, send it to CryselleC AT (100 to 1000 words) and I'll post with links blurb and cover. The rest of us will sit here and marvel.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I suppose I'm a twit now

I went and did it; Pam teased me until I didn't have a choice. I went and joined Twitter. Not that I have a clue what I'm doing or anything. All those who understand it can fill me in: I feel like I'm shouting into the void, but two nice people have already taken some mercy on me and followed me. Which is sweet but sad since I'm lost.  I could post links from my tumblr account to lure followers, I guess.

I'm at @CryselleBook if anyone is so inclined, and if anyone has hints what to do, post them here! Or there.

I'm doomed, aren't I?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Puck You by Elizabeth Jewell

Puck You by Elizabeth Jewell
Publisher: Razor’s Edge Press
Genre: GLBT, M/M, Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Length: 18 pages

Rival hockey pros Bessette and Láska are going crazy with wanting to take their frustrations out on each other. When their aggression crosses the line into the dressing rooms, it creates bodily collisions nothing like what happens on the ice.


Láska and Bessette are on opposing hockey teams, playing for the Stanley Cup, and tempers are riding high. They’re supposed to leave the game on the ice, but a fight during the game keeps going when Láska catches Bessette alone in the locker room after everyone else has cleaned up and gone home. Elizabeth Jewell has them saying, literally and figuratively, Puck You.