Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pyke's Peak by Chris Owen

Reading menage is new to me: so far I've found some I like and some I don't. The relationships between three people have pretty much been too simple -- let's everyone boink! So, finding something as doubts and complexity was good.

Pyke's Peak, a m/m/f novella, had nice interaction between Shea and Pyke, who were long term lovers, and Laurel, who had to decide where she fit. The novella had some lovely back-away-closer interactions, some mega-hot sex scenes, some with two, some with three, and some tantalizing hints of something very odd about the eccentric house that the newly-rich Pyke bought with an eye to providing a home and also space for his sweeties.

Laurel's vacillations were the main plot driver, because nothing else really provided a lot of conflict. The mystery about the house didn't really go anywhere, being only partially solved and without a great deal at stake except for curiosity. Pyke's music was character color more than a source of conflict, and Shea and Laurel's lives didn't have a lot of conflict to add either.

The best thing for me here was the loving and tender interactions between the three, and particularly Laurel, whom both men appreciated from top to toe and not just for her willingness to be the audience for them, something I find annoying. She appreciated the hotness of them together, but she wasn't just the clap-and-cheer-play-with-herself-cuz-the-boiz-are-so-hawt section.

But I would have liked more plot.

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